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In the pipeline/Preprints 

R. Sarfati,  K. Joshi, O. Martin, J.C. Hayes, S. Iyer-Biswas, O. Peleg
Emergent periodicity in the collective synchronous flashing of fireflies

R. Sarfati, O. Peleg
Calibration-free 3D reconstruction of firefly trajectories from 360-degree cameras


G. Gharooni Fard, Daisy Zhang, Francisco López Jiménez, O. Peleg

Honeycomb crystallography: comb formation under geometric frustrations
PNAS 119 (48) e2205043119 (2022)

R. Sarfati,  O. Peleg
Chimera states among synchronous fireflies
Science Advances 8, eadd6690 (2022)

O. Shishkov, C. Chen, C.A. Madonna, Kaushik Jayaram, O. Peleg
Strength-mass scaling law governs mass distribution inside honey bee swarms
Scientific Reports 12, 17388 (2022)

O. Shishkov, O. Peleg

Beyond social insects: Soft, dense, and active invertebrate aggregations

Collective Intelligence 1:2 (2022) 

R. Sarfati, L. Gaudette, J.M. Cicero, O. Peleg
Statistical analysis reveals the onset of synchrony in sparse swarms of Photinus knulli fireflies
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19:188 (2022)

D.M. T. Nguyen, G. Gharooni Fard, A. Atkins , P. Bontempo, M. L. Iuzzolino, O. Peleg
Honey Bees Find the Shortest Path: A Collective Flow-Mediated Approach
Artificial Life and Robotics, (2022)

C. Nguyen, I. Huang, O. Peleg
Firefly-inspired vocabulary generator for communication in multi-agent systems
The 2022 Conference on Artificial Life (ALIFE) (2022)

D.M. T. Nguyen, M. L. Iuzzolino, O. Peleg
Physical Obstacles Constrain Behavioral Parameter Space of Successful Localization in Honey Bee Swarms
The 2022 Conference on Artificial Life (ALIFE) (2022)

J. Peters, O. Peleg, L. Mahadevan
Thermoregulatory morphodynamics of honeybee swarm clusters
Journal of Experimental Biology 255(5): jeb242234 (2022)

R. Sarfati, J. Hayes, O. Peleg
Self-organization in natural swarms of Photinus carolinus synchronous fireflies

Science Advances, 7:28,eabg9259 (2021) 

C. Nguyen, Y. Ozkan-Aydin, H. Tuazon, D. I. Goldman,  S. Bhamla, O. Peleg

Emergent collective locomotion in an active polymer model of entangled worm blobs

Front. Phys., 9:540 (2021)

D.M. T. Nguyen, M. L. Iuzzolino, A. Mankel, K. Bozek, G. J. Stephens, O. Peleg

Flow-mediated olfactory communication in honey bee swarms

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 118 (13) e2011916118 (2021) 

D.M. T. Nguyen, G. Gharooni Fard, M. L. Iuzzolino, O. Peleg

Robustness of collective scenting in the presence of physical obstacles.
Accepted for publication at the Proc. Int. Sym. on Swarm Behavior

and Bio-Inspired Robotics SWARM2021 bioRxiv (2021)

R. Sarfati, J. Hayes, É. Sarfati, O. Peleg 

Spatiotemporal reconstruction of emergent flash synchronization in firefly swarms via stereoscopic 360-degree cameras

J. R. Soc. Interface 17:20200179 (2020)

G. Gharooni Fard,  E. Bradley, O. Peleg
Data-driven modeling of resource distribution in honeybee swarms

Artificial Life Conference Proceedings, 32, 324-332 (2020)

G.K. Nave, N.T. Mitchell, J.A. Chan Dick, T. Schuessler, J.A. Lagarrigue, O. Peleg 

Attraction, dynamics, and phase transitions in fire ant tower-building
Front. Robot. AI 7:25 (2020)

L. Khaldy, O. Peleg, C. Tocco, L. Mahadevan, M. Byrne and M. Dacke

The effect of step size on straight-line orientation

J. R. Soc. Interface 16: 20190181 (2019)

S. Bidari, O. Peleg, Z.P. Kilpatrick

Social inhibition maintains adaptivity and consensus of foraging honeybee swarms in dynamic environments

J. R. Soc. Open Sci., 6:12, 191681 (2019)


Mechanical hive mind
Physics Today 72(4), 66 (2019)

J.M. Peters, O.Peleg, L. Mahadevan

Collective ventilation in honeybee nests
J. R. Soc. Interface 16: 20180561 (2019)

O.Peleg*, J.M. Peters*, M.K. Salcedo, L. Mahadevan

Collective mechanical adaptation in honeybee swarms

Nat. Phys., doi s41567-018-0262-1 (2018)

*Contributed equally to this work

O.Peleg, L. Mahadevan

Optimal switching between geocentric and egocentric strategies in navigation

J. R. Soc. Open Sci., 3, 160128 (2016)

L.S. Shagolsem, D. Osmanovic, O. Peleg, Y. Rabin

Pair interaction ordering in fluids with random interactions

J. Chem. Phys., 142, 051104 (2015)

O. Peleg, J.M. Choi, E. Shakhnovich

Evolution of specificity in protein-protein interactions 

Biophys. J., 107 (7), 1686-1696 (2014); Chosen among Biophys. J. Best of 2014  

M. Tagliazucchi*, O. Peleg*, M. Kröger, Y. Rabin, I. Szleifer

Effect of charge, hydrophobicity and sequence of nucleoporins on the translocation of model particles through the nuclear pore complex

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 110, 3363-3368 (2013)

*Contributed equally to this work. 

M.B. Harasim, B. Wunderlich, O. Peleg, M. Kröger, A.R. Bausch

Direct observation of the dynamics of semiflexible polymers in shear flow 

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 108302 (2013)

O. Peleg, T. Savin, G.V. Kolmakov, I.G. Salib, A.C. Balazs, M. Kröger, V. Vogel

Fibers with integrated mechano-chemical switches: Minimalistic design principles derived from fibronectin

Biophys. J., 9:103, 1909-1918 (2012); New and Notable: Biophys. J. 3:109, 1814-1815 (2012)

I.G. Salib, G.V. Kolmakov, B.J. Bucior, O. Peleg, T. Savin, M. Kröger, V. Vogel, K. Matyjaszewski, A.C. Balazs

Using mesoscopic models to design strong and tough biomimetic polymer networks

Langmuir 27, 13796-13805 (2011)

O. Peleg*, M. Tagliazucchi*, M. Kröger, Y. Rabin, I. Szleifer

Morphology control of hairy nanopores

ACS Nano, doi:10.1021/nn200702u (2011)

*Contributed equally to this work. 

O. Peleg, R.Y.H. Lim

Converging on the function of intrinsically disordered nucleoporins in the nuclear pore complex

Biol. Chem. 391, 719–730 (2010)

M. Kröger, O. Peleg, A. Halperin

From dendrimers to dendronized polymers and forests: Scaling theory and its limitations

Macromolecules 43, 6213-6224 (2010)

S. Fransson, O. Peleg, N. Lorén, A.-M. Hermansson, M. Kröger

Modelling and confocal microscopy of biopolymer mixtures in confined geometries

Soft Matter 6, 2713-2722 (2010)

O. Peleg, M. Kröger, Y. Rabin

Effect of network topology on phase separation in two–dimensional Lennard–Jones networks

Phys. Rev. E  79, 040401(R) ; also included in the Virtual J. Biol. Phys. 17:8 (2009)  

O. Peleg, M. Kröger, Y. Rabin

Model of microphase separation in two-dimensional gels

Macromolecules 41, 3267-3275 (2008)

M. Kröger, O. Peleg, Y. Ding, Y. Rabin

Formation of double helical and filamentous structures in models of physical and chemical gels

Soft Matter 4, 18–28 (2008)

O. Peleg, M. Kröger, I. Hecht, Y. Rabin

Filamentous networks in phase-separating two-dimensional gels

Europhys. Lett. 77, 58007 (2007)

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